Tailor-Made Consulting

Our lawyers specialising in business law and practising in France and French-speaking Africa will assist you with your fund-raising, commercial negotiations and projects relating to new technologies (personal data, blockchain, cybersecurity).

an expert SAvoir-faire,
at the service of your startup:

  • GDPR Compliance
  • General conditions: GTC, TCU 
  • Prevention of personal data breach
  • Drafting of website documentation 
  • CNIL control assistance
Intellectual property law
  • Trademark transfer agreement
  • Copyright License Agreement
  • Trademark and design assistance 
Venture Capital / Private - equity
  • NDA & Term Sheet
  • Investment agreement and shareholders' agreement
  • Share transfer agreement
Company law
  • Completion of the capital increase
  • Statutes 
  • Founding partners' agreement 
  • OGM or EGM 
Commercial law
  • Partner's current account agreement
  • SAAS solution contract
  • Partnership contract
  • Subcontracting
  • Distribution agreement

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Customer cases

Legal advice on company law, commercial law and personal data protection
Legal support in bringing the website documentation into compliance.
Assistance in the legal drafting of the launch of a new application
Support for equity investments in French-speaking Africa.
Assistance in negotiating subcontracts and influencer contracts
Support in making the website compliant
Contracts & training
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