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The law is essential to help you run your business with confidence and determination. Take part in our collective legal training courses to develop the tools you need to achieve your ambitions.
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protect personal data.
Do you collect personal data from your customers or employees? You are therefore concerned by the RGPD regulations. To avoid heavy sanctions, but also and above all to stand out from your competitors and to improve your image and your reputation on the market, our training courses are made for you!
Come and meet our dedicated instructors and take stock of your situation, define your obligations and learn how to comply with the current regulations.
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drafting commercial contracts.
Between partnerships, SAAS software, or freelance, the daily life of your startup is governed by the negotiation of commercial contracts?
Too binding, not always well framed, too general or not well adapted to your structure? avoid the classic pitfalls and do not lock yourself into a contract with terms that are too unbalanced.
By learning with us how to write and negotiate your contracts perfectly according to the legislation and your situation, you will control all your collaborations!
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Successful fundraising.
Is your start-up taking off and you want to accelerate its development? Raising funds is perhaps the essential step to capitalise on this success!
Why and how to raise funds? Who to approach? How to negotiate the investment documentation? Concise, clear and comprehensive, our expert training courses will provide you with the essential tools to manage this complex operation and help your startup grow.
With us, learn how to secure the best financing for your company, from the beginning to the end of the project.
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preserve its intellectual property
Have you worked hard to create your company? Your brand and everything that surrounds it must belong to you.
As a true lever of competitiveness, the intellectual property of a startup must be perfectly protected. It is essential to have the right tools and know-how to enhance and perpetuate your innovative project and your ideas.
Our intensive training courses teach you how to secure your startup's intellectual property in the long term.
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